What is the difference between VMware Esxi vs ESX? Difference between vmware esx and esxi? What is VMware ESXi?

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We will describe the basic difference between  VMware Esxi vs ESX?

Capability Of ESX:-

VMware ESX stand for (Elastic Sky X)

Service Console:- Present

Troubleshooting performed via:- Service Console

Active Director Authentication:- Enabled

Secure syslog:- Not Supported

Management Network:- Service Console interface

Jumbo Frames:-  supported

Hardware Monitoring:-  3rd party agents installed in service console

Boot form SAN:- Supported in ESX

Software patches and updates:- Needed as similar to Linux operation system

vSphere web Access:- Only experimental

Locked Down Mode:- Not present

Scripted Installation:- Supported

vMA Support:- yes

Major Administration Command-line Command:- esxcfg-

Rapid deployment via Auto Deploy: Not supported

custom image creation:- Not supported

VMkernel Network Used for:- vMotion Fault Tolerance Storage Connectivity

Capability of ESXI:-

VMware ESXi stand for (Elastic sky X Integrated)

Service Console:-  Removed

Troubleshooting performed via:- ESXi Shell

Active Director Authentication:- Enabled

Secure syslog:- Supported

Management Network:-  VMKernel Interface

Jumbo Frames:- Supported

Hardware Monitoring:- Via CIM Providers

Boot form SAN:- Supported in ESXi

Software patches and updates:- Few patches because of small footprint and more secure

vSphere web Access:- Full management capability via vSphere web client

Locked Down Mode:- Present Lock-down mode prevents remote users

Scripted Installation: Supported

vMA Support:- Yes

Major Administration command-line Command:-  esxcli

Rapid deployment via Auto Deploy:- Not supported

custom image creation:- Supported

VMkernel Network Used for:- Management Network, vMotion, Fault Tolerance,  Storage Connectivity, iSCSI port binding.

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