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What is the difference between VMware Esxi vs ESX? Difference between vmware esx and esxi? What is VMware ESXi?

Hello Friend, We will describe the basic difference between  VMware Esxi vs ESX ? Capability Of ESX:- VMware ESX stand for ( Elastic Sky X ) Service Console:- Present Troubleshooting performed via:- Service Console Active Director Authentication:- Enabled Secure syslog:- Not Supported Management Network:- Service Console interface Jumbo Frames:-  supported Hardware Monitoring:-  3rd party agents installed in service console Boot form SAN:- Supported in ESX Software patches and updates:- Needed as similar to Linux operation system vSphere web Access:- Only experimental Locked Down Mode:- Not present Scripted Installation:- Supported vMA Support:- yes Major Administration Command-line Command:- esxcfg- Rapid deployment via Auto Deploy: Not supported custom image creation:- Not supported VMkernel Network Used for:- vMotion Fault Tolerance Storage Connectivity Capability of ESXI:- VMware ESXi stand for ( Elastic sky X Integrated ) Service Console:-  Removed Troubleshooting performed via: