What is IP (Internet Protocol) Address?

It is a unique identifier of host over TCP/IP network is called IP Address.

It is a combination of 32 bit and 4 Octets

It has two version of IP Address.

A) IP V4 (32 Bit)

B) IP V6 (128 Bit)

IP V4 is presented in decimal format.

IP V6 is presented is Hexa-decimal format.

It is a combination of HOST ID, Network ID & Subnet Mask.

Classification of IP according to network Size.

IP Address Range/Classes?

There are two types of IP Address--

1. Class Full IP Address-- (VLSM- Variable Length Subnet Mask)

There are five classes--

Class A-                     1-126  (127 is reserved for Loop Back)

                                     ( --

Class B-                     128-191

                                    ( --

Class C-                     192-223

                                    ( --

Class D-                     224-239

                                    ( --

Class E-                     240-255

                                    ( --

2. Class Less IP Address-- (CIDR-- Classless Inter-Domain Routing)


Difference between IP V4 and IP V6?

There is major difference between IP V4 and IP V6 such as..

a. In IP V4 is a 32 bits IP Address but IP V6 128 bits Address.

b. IP V4 is a decimal Format but IP V6 is Hexa-Decimal Format.

c. IP V4 has 4 Octets but IP V6 has 16 Octets.

d. IP V4 is supported almost Operating System but IP V6 is supported by only some Operating System.

e. In IP V4 only limited number of IP Address are available but in IP V6 a lot of  number of IP Addresses are available.

Rule of IP Address:-

1. Network ID will be same in a network.

2. Host ID will be changed in a network.

3. Network ID can't be ZERO at any cost.

4. All host bit can't be zero because it is called Network address.

5. All Host bit can't be one because it is called broadcast address.

Ex. (X)

6. 127 Series is reserved for Loop Back addressing. It is not used as a valid IP.


Type of IP

(IANA- Internet Assign Number Authority)

A. Public IP:- It is payable and used to connect across the world.

B. Private IP:- It is free and used to connect private network not across the world.

Range of Private IP:-

Class A: -

Class B: -

Class C: -

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