How to fix Google Chrome UNTITLED, BLANK PAGE? How to resolve and fix Chrome White Screen – Chrome Blank Page – error/problem.

Hello Friends,

Today I will tell you how to fix untitled page and crashing extensions in Google Chrome.

In particular, the following problems – symptoms appear when you try to open Google Chrome browser:
Picture of error page:-

Step First:- 

Open Run “taskmgr” from the Run Box or Start Menu.
Try to kill all the Chrome processes in Task Manager, and then re-open without restoring tabs from the old session. ... If that doesn't work, disable all your Chrome Extensions (if you have any), and if that works, enable them back one-by-one to find the problematic one.Try Clearing cache and cookies. It can be useful.

Picture of End Chrome Process:-

Step Second:- 

Do some modification in Google Chrome Shortcut Target: 
Right Click on Google Chrome Shortcut-- Click on Properties--type 
-no-sandbox Then Click on Apply and OK.

Picture of Chrome Target Modification:-

Step Third:- 

Right Click on Desktop- Click on New-- Click on Shortcut- Copy of Old Target Path then past in Location Path--then add -no-sandbox after chrome.exe".
Type a name for this shortcut:-

Picture of Chrome Shortcut:-

Hope Your issue will be resolved and Chrome will be working fine.

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  2. what to do if this does not work?


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