How to Check the Age of Your Windows/Linux Installation? How to Find Your Computer’s Uptime and Installation Date?

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Today I am going to tell and teach you a very important windows command. It is very simple but very useful.
Sometimes it happens that you want to know and excited to know windows installation date and some common information about your physical configuration and installed application 

Windows — Installation Date

You can find the date you installed Windows with the systeminfo command. First, open the Command Prompt — press Windows Key + R, type cmd into the Run dialog, and press Enter. Type the following command into the Command Prompt window and press Enter (note that you must type Original with the capital letter on older versions of Windows).

Now I tell you command step by step:-

Click on Start( Windows Flag)- Type Run- Type CMD (Open CMD Prompt Run As Administrator)

Type  systeminfo.exe then Enter

Now you will get all written details on command promt.

Linux — Uptime

Many Linux utilities display your uptime, from the “top” command to graphical system information utilities.

There’s also a dedicated uptime command to display this information. To see your uptime on Linux, open a terminal window, type the following command, and press Enter:


Linux — Installation Date

There’s no one standard way to see when you installed your Linux system. What you want to do is find a file that hasn’t been modified since you installed Linux and see when it was created.

For example, Ubuntu’s installer creates log files at /var/log/installer when you install it. You can check when this directory was created to see when the Ubuntu system was installed. To do this, open a terminal window and run the following command:

#ls -ld /var/log/installer

The time and date the folder was created is when you installed your Linux system.

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