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How to fix Google Chrome UNTITLED, BLANK PAGE? How to resolve and fix Chrome White Screen – Chrome Blank Page – error/problem.

Hello Friends, Today I will tell you how to fix untitled page and crashing extensions in Google Chrome. In particular, the following problems – symptoms appear when you try to open Google Chrome browser: Picture of error page:- Step First:-  Open Run “taskmgr” from the Run Box or Start Menu. Try to kill all the Chrome processes in Task Manager, and then re-open without restoring tabs from the old session. ... If that doesn't work, disable all your Chrome Extensions (if you have any), and if that works, enable them back one-by-one to find the problematic one.Try Clearing cache and cookies. It can be useful. Picture of End Chrome Process:- Step Second:-  Do some modification in Google Chrome Shortcut Target:  Right Click on Google Chrome Shortcut-- Click on Properties--type  -no-sandbox Then Click on Apply and OK. Picture of Chrome Target Modification:- Step Third:-  Right Click on Desktop- Click on New-- Click on Shortcut- Copy of Old Target Path then past in Location Path--then ad

How to Check the Age of Your Windows/Linux Installation? How to Find Your Computer’s Uptime and Installation Date?

Hello Friends, Today I am going to tell and teach you a very important windows command. It is very simple but very useful. Sometimes it happens that you want to know and excited to know windows installation date and some common information about your physical configuration and installed application  information.  Windows — Installation Date You can find the date you installed Windows with the systeminfo command. First, open the Command Prompt — press Windows Key + R, type cmd into the Run dialog, and press Enter. Type the following command into the Command Prompt window and press Enter (note that you must type Original with the capital letter on older versions of Windows). Now I tell you command step by step:- Click on Start( Windows Flag)- Type Run- Type CMD (Open CMD Prompt Run As Administrator) Type  systeminfo.exe then Enter Now you will get all written details on command promt. Linux — Uptime Many Linux utilities display your uptime, from the “top” command to graphical system inf

what is codec in VOIP? What is codec?

What is codec in VoIP? A codec is either a hardware device or a software-based process that compresses and decompresses large amounts of data used in voice over IP, video conferencing and streaming media. A codec takes data in one form, encodes it into another form and decodes it at the egress point in the communications session. A codec is a device or piece of software capable of encoding or decoding a digital stream or a signal for transmission over a data network. A codec can be for audio or video content. The only basic difference between these two is that one is an algorithm designed to compress and decompress audio files and the other is for video files. These two codecs can be divided into two further categories: lossless codec and lossy codecs. A codec, which stands for coder-decoder, converts an audio signal into compressed digital form for transmission and then back into an uncompressed audio signal for replay. It's the essence of VoIP. Codecs accomplish the conversion by


ASTERISK VS FREESWITCH Comparison? When it comes to open source PBX phone systems, there are two competing underlying switches that tend to steal the show, these being FREESWITCH and Asterisk. In this FREESWITCH versus Asterisk article we will provide an overview of each switch and take a look at some of the core features and how they differ. We will also review some of the most popular PBX systems that are built on top of each switch. ASTERISK:- Asterisk began because of the efforts from a computer Engineer by the name of Mark Spencer in 1999. His small team developed the Asterisk software switch under the label of Linux Support Systems that later re-branded as Digium. Since then, the Asterisk switch has been adapted into a wide variety of PBX systems such as FREESWITCH, Elastix and PBX in a Flash. It is worth pointing out here that Asterisk is really an open source PBX in its own right and can be used as a standalone phone system. FREESWITCH:- FreeSWITCH began when a reputable Asteri