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How to make fast your system?

<<How to boost system performance>> Hello Friends, I am going to tell you how can make fast our system. Process to follow>>> 1)    Delete all Temp file. ( Run à %temp%) 2)    Delete all Prefetch file. (Run à prefetch à Click on Continue) 3)    Run Check Disk utility. 4)    Open Command Prompt with admin rights. 5)    C:\Users\TEST> chkdsk then hit enter. 6)    Check your root drive. (Means in which drive windows is installed.) 7)      Scan your root drive and Error Checking of root drive. 8)      Scan all drive in System or Laptop. 9)    Categorize Desktop icons into folders. 10)        Uninstall unused programs. 11)        Close unused tabs. 12)        Stop programs from automatically launching when your computer turns on. 13)        Remove unnecessary language resources. 14)        Update your Windows/Software (If your windows/Software is genuine) 15)        If your computer is hot to

How to configure voice broadcasting campaign in vicidial / goautodial

Documentation:- How to configure voice broadcasting campaign in vicidial / goautodial Step By Step:-   1)       Create Campaign or select created campaigns 2)       Upload IVR on Audio Store in Admin setting 3)       Upload IVR in GSM format 4)       Then Go in Campaigns in which you want to apply IVR Broadcasting (Press 1) 5)     Select Campaigns à Click Details à Set Routing Extension:- 8366 à Then Save setting 6)     Go in Survey Option in Campaign 7)     Select Survey First Audio File: From audio chooser. Which IVR you want to apply. 8)     Then Save setting. 9)     Then Check CUSTOM HOT KEYS WITHIN THIS CAMPAIGN:   10)   Hotkey should be 1 and status :- A- Answering Mechine.

{{Shortcuts Keys of Internet Explorer, Firefox & Chrome}}

Internet Explorer Shortcut Keys ·          Alt + Left Arrow/Backspace:  Go   back to the previous page. ·          Alt + Right Arrow:  Go to next page. ·          F5:  Refresh page. ·          F11:  Toggle between full-screen and regular view. ·          Esc:  Stop downloading a page. ·          Ctrl + ( + or -):  Zoom in or out of page by 10%. ·          Ctrl + Enter:  Adds www. at the beginning and .com to the end of any text entered in the Address bar. ·          Ctrl + D:  Add the current site to your favorites. ·          Ctrl + I:  View your favorites. ·          Ctrl + N:  Open a new window. ·          Ctrl + P:  Print the current page. ·          Ctrl + T:  Open a new tab. ·          Ctrl + F4:  Closes tabs in the background. ·          Ctrl + Tab:  Switch between tabs. ·          Space bar:  Click the notification bar. ·          Shift + Space bar:  Move up one page. ·          Alt + Down Arrow:  Move   a selected item down the favorite