What is VICI Dial?

VICI Dial is an open-source predictive dialer software which is used by many call centers and businesses.

In simple words, this software keeps dialing numbers from the provided leads and until someone picks the call it doesn't transfer the call to the receiver or employee working for call center. Predictive dialers are very easy software for call centers, they manage time and resources perfectly. Sometimes setting this open-source software becomes very hectic especially for Newbies, that's why there’re some good VoIP service providers who can set this up for you on their hosted server and all you need to do is use its awesome features. Is one of the most complete dialer solutions for call centers available. This can allow you to configure anything from outbound/inbound, IVR settings, predictive dialer options, manual dialing, etc. To me one of the most complete I've seen, not to mention can give you the ability to configure the whole darn thing to your specifications because this thing is open source. Imagine the possibilities! You could configure it and even become a retailer. You could configure anything you need with as little as 400 dollars and just a few bucks a month in you don't want to invest on your own servers.

Features of VICI Dial:---
1. Uses of an auto dialer:- An auto dialer is a very helpful resource to have in a call center.
2. Inbound, outbound and blended call handling:- Vicidial can be used for inbound as well as outbound call centers. It can also be used in blended call centers where you have a mixture of both.
3. Web-based agent and administrative interfaces:- One of the contributors to VICIdial’s popularity all over the world is the ease with which its interface can be understood and navigated.
4. Ability to have agents operate remotely:- This opens up a great opportunity to have agents working from home and still not losing out on the efficiency of their work.
5. Integrated call recording:- Call recording and reporting is an important element of call center operations.
6. Three-way calling within the agent application:- Vicidial allows three-way calling by the agent, which means you can add an individual to a live call.
7. Scheduled callbacks:- Very often, issues are not resolved on the first call. Vicidial schedules callbacks accordingly, to ensure you never miss an appointment.
8. Scalable to hundreds of seats:- The Vicidial application can be scaled up as sales volume increases, because it runs as an interlinked platform.
It can take the load of hundreds of seats at a single contact center, running seamlessly on every machine.
9. Web-configurable IVRs and voicemail boxes:- The administrative website allows call centers and agents to configure Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs) with configurations like time-based responses, different end points and logging of customer IVR responses available.

The Vicidial software is open source, which means there is no licensing cost associated with it. Easily you can manage accordingly and configured.
Screen Shot of VICI Dial home page:---

Screen Shot of  Real-Time Main Report:---


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