What is Networking?

Computer Technology Industry Association

 Comp TIA

 A+ (1980)                                (1999)  N+

 => What is A+?

       A+ is a basic Knowledge and troubleshooting about Hardware is called A+.

 => What is N+?

     N+ is a basic Knowledge and troubleshooting about Network is  called N+.


=> What is Network?


            When Collection of devices is attached to share resources and data that is called network.

            In simple word, When data is transmitted one location to another location through LAN                     WAN that is called networking.

  e.g. Resources :- Printer, Scanner, Laptop, Desktop, and network devices.


ARPANET (1952)

 (Advance Research Project Agency Network)


Type of Network

1. Physical Network:-

LAN (Local Area Network)

It is a network is specific area that is can be extended upto one kilometre that is called LAN.

WAN (Wide Area Network)

When two network or LAN is connected with the help of the internet service provider (ISP) is called WAN. It has no any distance limit.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network):-

A Network established with in your metropolitan city is called MAN.

CAN (Campus Area Network):-

A Network within your campus is called campus are network.

PAN (Private Area Network):-

A Network of your private area as like your home office or a building network is called Private Area Network.




In work group environment each PC act as like a Server or a client itself.

It has no any centralization management.

it is not secure as like Domain.

Each computer contains self User Account and Password.

User Account and Password is stored in SAM ( Security Account Manager).



It is a logical security boundary which share common information is called Domain.

It provides centralization management.

it is more secure that WORKGROUP environment.

User name and password is stored in AD (Active Directory)











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