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This is IT Skills Support Portal (www.itskillsupport.com). We will find anytime and any type of IT related issues and query solution.

This is the first and last portal to resolve your queries...


1) Systems Hardware
2) Networking, Cabling, Racking, Punching, Rack Mounting,
3) Windows Server configuration and setup.
4) Linux Server configuration and setup.
5) Dialer & Asterisk Server, ViCi Dial, TFN Installation, Inbound & Outbound campaign configuration and setup, Apply IVR, Create User & Phone Ext, Configure Carrier
6) Router Configuration, WiFi Installation and Configuration
7) Firewall Installation & Configuration
8) Any Application installation and configuration
9) Printer ( Local, USB, WiFi, Barcode, Network, Share) Installation and Configuration.
10) Camera Installation & Configuration
11) Outlook and MS-Outlook Configuration, Thunderbird
12) Any kind of IT related resolution.

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